Ocean Marketplace Genesis Data Collection

C. Arthur Dyer

Part 1: Ocean Inception

has been offered the unique opportunity to position itself as a future global powerhouse in the field of human-blockchain studies, inter-relations and interconnectivity by leveraging the resources of our global, pre-decentralized grassroots autonomous organization and channeling…

Bitcoin, This Coin, That Coin! Why?!

Somebody asked me for a little further explanation today since the flow of new information is so constant, so i figured some other people might find some use in this aswell.

Have a learn!🤓


Greetings fren.

Passive income is the goal!

Banks hate…

Why #bitcoin is pumping, a short story.

USD or any other Fiat is infinitely printed by the government.

Inflation hits at an average of 3.5%, thats taking 100 from 2020, and being worth 60 in 2000.

Ignoring the fact in 2020 they printed 9.5% of the total GDP,

So in…

Bitcoin is a seven letter word for Financial Sovereignty.

The power to own something, or a piece of something finite, limited and decentralized; that is not manipulated or owned by any one group of individuals or party.

Owning a Bitcoin or owning even a piece of a Bitcoin, is owning…

Governance as a Service and bootstrapping organizations to establish Independent Self Governance in an age of autonomy and decentralization will prove to be a key evolution in blockchain ecosystems.

For those unfamiliar with GaaS

Independent Self governance in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs) will radically evolve beyond our current…

Well wow, time flies.

The distances make the difference. My mental is my mental. You can’t step into the same river twice. We must let go and live with the currents. Retaining what serves us and casting away what doesn’t help us grow.

If you aren’t growing, your’re dying.


Working on ourselves is the hardest yet rewarding investment of our time.

We are often told anything is possible and that we can do anything we set our minds too. These thoughts become so passé that we don’t even actually take them at face value. …

This bagel is delicious. I’ve put peanut butter on it.

Finding joy in the little things in life will take you places right where you are.

You won’t know the most important moments of your life until they have already become a memory.

Great part about this free write is…

Well well well, I suppose it’s come to this.

I guess I must begin with a backstory. Explaining who I am and why I am and express my epiphany that brought me into self realization.

It was far from simple but I essentially had to kill myself to find out…

Being consistent is probably one of the most valuable templates for accomplishing any goal you’ve set your sites on.

We all wish we had a little more time in the day. How many times have you said or heard someone say they don’t have enough time? Just about everyone right?

Cody, Blessings

Passion, Art, Blockchain & Data Sciences

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